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6December 2020
The 4 C’s of a Hotel’s COVID Communications Toolkit

There is also a formula for the 4 C’s of Marketing Communications: Clarity, Credibility, Consistency and Competitiveness. Since circumstances have dealt 2020 a gut-wrenching blow, we have envisioned a new set of 4 C’s — the 4 C’s of marketing communications in a COVID and post-COVID world.

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5December 2020
Easing Guest Anxieties

Even though some hoteliers may feel like they are operating on borrowed time, just waiting for the next restrictions to be announced for their area, it is clear that preparation paired with the advantages of hospitality software is helping hoteliers to adjust to the times and tailor their

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5December 2020
The Future of Tourism

At least 90% of the world’s population has been affected in one way or another by the current pandemic. Borders have shut down, social distancing has required citizens to isolate in their homes, and economies have been put on hiatus. While many industries have been impacted, the

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